Celebrating the Success of Our Thinning Experts

Jan 10, 2024

At AgroMIGIVA, we understand that an outstanding harvest is the culmination of exceptional previous work. We greatly value the critical role of thinning in this process and are proud to share the extraordinary achievements of our talented “thinning masters” this season.

Recently, at our Nueva California farm, located in Pisco, we carried out a well-deserved recognition of those collaborators who, with skill in the field and constant commitment, have made a significant difference in the quality of our harvest.

The awards ceremony was an emotional moment of celebration, where the farm manager and colleagues gathered enthusiastically to congratulate our outstanding thinners.

Throughout the season, we evaluate our collaborators considering criteria such as skill, teamwork and efficiency in thinning. Each of them demonstrated an exceptional standard in these aspects, contributing significantly to the overall success of our agricultural operation.

We are genuinely proud of each of our collaborators. We recognize that your dedication and effort are the pillars of our excellence.

The quality of our harvest is not only the result of the individual skill of our harvesters, but also the power of teamwork. Together, we will continue to focus on our goal of producing the best fruit in the world.


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