We promote creativity and teamwork among children with a kite Festival

Sep 5, 2023

Last Friday, September 1, we held the first Kite Festival in collaboration with the Educational Institution 22717 San Tadeo los Paracas. This event, which took place in the synthetic soccer field of the CP “San Tadeo” Los Paracas – Humay, where the children and their families met for a day full of fun and learning.

A total of 80 students from the non-school program, initial and primary level, joined this exciting activity. It was a day where creativity and enthusiasm went hand in hand as the children, with the help of their parents, created and designed their own kites, demonstrating artistic skills.

The event was not only focused on fun, but also recognized and rewarded the effort and originality of the participants. Exceptional kites were awarded in different categories, including the most creative and original, as well as the ecological kite and the one with the highest flying height.

For us, this activity has a special meaning. We believe that participating in events promotes creative learning and teamwork among the youth of our community. We firmly believe that activities like this not only encourage creativity and fun, but also strengthen family ties.

We are grateful to Institución Educativa 22717 San Tadeo los Paracas for their collaboration in this wonderful kite festival, and we look forward to continuing to support and participate in events.


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