Growing Supervisors of Excellence for an Extraordinary Harvest

Aug 11, 2023

We are very excited to tell you about the imminent start of the thinning season, a pivotal moment in our commitment to quality and excellence in grape production. On this occasion, the training of our 12 talented collaborators stands out, who are being trained through our innovative 360 supervisor program at the prestigious Carrizales farm, in the inspiring region of Ica.

During these days, our supervisors will be immersed in an intensive learning process, in which they will delve into the physiology of the plants and will delve into the best practices for thinning. In addition, they will strengthen their leadership and team management skills, thus boosting their personal and professional growth.

This training will not only lead to exceptionally qualified thinning supervisors, but will also symbolize a harvest that will encapsulate the passion, effort and accumulated experience of each individual involved in this exciting process.

At AgroMIGIVA, we are more than ready to continue offering the most exquisite and delicious grapes, reaffirming our commitment to establish a global standard in quality and flavor.

This achievement also highlights our unwavering conviction that dedication to excellence and investment in human development are the fundamental pillars for growing the best fruit in the world. Each grape that grows and is harvested on our land carries with it the pride of the supervisors and collaborators who have passionately embraced the vision of AgroMIGIVA.


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