Mar 2, 2023

Our passion for producing the best fruit in the world extends to our families. Therefore, we had a guided tour of the fundo good boys of Pisco, in which our family was able high quality. Our field leaders explained in depth each of the steps and care we must have to achieve successful production.

In addition, during the visit, our family had the opportunity to participate in the collection of the largest and most delicious grapes, as well as enjoying a tasting that allowed them to appreciate the quality of our first -hand products.

It fills us with pride and emotion to be able to share with our families this unforgettable experience, which allowed them to know our daily work and the passion with which we carry it out. In Agromigiva, we are committed to the production of high quality fruits, using innovative and sustainable techniques that take care of the environment.

We would love to know what your favorite moment was during the visit to our Founds. What impressed you the most? Was the beauty of our crops, the quality of our fruits or the commitment of our team? Let us know in the comments!


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